Shakespeare The Coach

Shakespeare The Coach

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Observing human nature.

A blueprint for motivating coaches, managers, teachers and trainers. Charlesworth draws on his experiences in many different playing fields and combines it with Shakespere’s unique approach, to plan how to get the most out of yourself, and your team.

A sequel to best-selling novels, The Coach and Stay at the top, Charlesworth uncovers his fan side, idolising Shakespeare’s plays and poetry and their ability to capture and shape his coaching style. Sporting pursuits aside, Charlesworth includes his background as a medical graduate and politician to disclose to his readers how many of his thoughts and observations are mirrored by Shakespeare’s insights into human nature and motivation.

For anyone motivated to achieve and lead, Shakespeare the Coach is a leading piece of writing that allows any individual to fully harness their potential. An educated, fascinating approach to achieving your maximum performance, individually and as a team.